Podcast Bound is for the avid listener yearning for more great shows as well as the newbie who wants to know what all the buzz is about. In each episode of our podcast ( to be launched soon) we’ll showcase great podcasts worth checking out. Each episode will be broken down in segments to serve up a variety of the vast content available. In each segment we’ll highlight a show from the following categories and play a clip from a recent episode to give you an idea of what to expect.

Popular shows

These are the shows that have thousands of downloads each episode and consistently top the ranks in iTunes.

This just in!

These are shows that just launched and have 5 or less published episodes available.

Podcaster’s Choice

All of the people that create podcasts today started out listening – and they still listen. In each episode we hear from a podcaster who tells us about one of their favorite shows and why they think you should check it out.

Lost and Found

With thousands of podcasts available to choose from some shows can get lost in the crowd but they’re worth a listen. Each episode we pick out a gem that we’ve found to highlight for you.

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