Jumping in with both feet

There comes a point in the start of any venture where you need to just go. Through hours, days and weeks of preparation tweaking every little element of the project to get things just so you feel nervous that things aren’t quite right.

But they never will be. Or at least they won’t be to the perfectionist living inside you. Since that’s the case you just need to throw caution to the wind and jump in with both feet.

This site is the home of an idea started by Andrew Mudie. Like me (Steve) he’s a fan of podcasts and came up with the idea of reviewing other podcasts. At first the approach was going to be an out and out review of shows wherein we’d critique  a show on a number of different points. After we bounced that around though it fell through. Instead what we’re focusing on is helping others discover podcasts.

More to the point we’d like to be a resource to help people learn what podcasts are and how they can listen to them.

Once they do that they’ll be able to answer questions when they get asked what a podcast is and they’ll know where to look for more information.

Right now we’re in the midst of recording episodes of our podcast and we’re going to launch it soon on a weekly basis. The format we’ve decided upon breaks each episode into 4 basic segments. In each segment we’ll review it, play a clip, etc.

  1. Popular podcasts – We’ll pick a show of the top of the heap and go over what makes it so good
  2. New podcast – We’re going to drill into a new show (5 or less episodes published) to help bring it to light and encourage listeners to check it out.
  3. Podcaster recommended – Every podcaster out there started out as a listener and they’re still listening. We’re going to reach out to podcasters to see if they can send us a short clip sharing what they listen to and why they like it etc.
  4. Lost and Found – We’re going to dive deep into the archives to see what shows out there are with checking out. They may be discontinued (podfaded) or current still, just not on everyone’s radar is all but worth a listen.


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